Aluminium Asset Tags

DuraBlackTM - Durable laser engraved aluminium tags for harsh outdoor operating environments.

These tags are resistant to sunlight (UV-radiation), abrasion, high-temperatures (370° for 1 Hour), salt-spray and chemical exposure (96 hrs in many MIL-STD-810G fluids).  It meets several government, industrial and military specifications including MIL-STD 130N, A-A-50271 (MIL-P-514D) and MIL-STD-15024F, Type L.
It can be attached to either curved or flat surfaces with its 3M 350 Series extreme High-Performance adhesive.
Dura black

Aluminium Asset Tags
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Anodised Aluminium, Acetone activated Asset tags.

These tags are made of a strong aluminium alloy.  The printing on the tags are anodised into the aluminium, physically making it part of the metal.  It is then stuck on a product using acetone to activate it's extremely strong adhesive.
It is available in different sizes and colours.  Typically used for asset tagging
Barcode metal tags
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Laser marked stainless steel tags.

These tags are marked with a Co2 Laser to give it an extremely strong finish.
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Barcode label manufacturing

AssetZure - Asset Management system to compile a proper Asset register.

We specialise in the complete asset tracking and management solution

The asset tracking software as well as the Android / Apple mobile app are developed by our software company called Zure Technologies (Pty) Ltd
Our Manufacturing company, MERQ Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, create all the anodised aluminium asset tags,
tamper evident tesa asset labels and Durablack aluminium asset tags that can resist solvents, salt, air and extreme temperatures.
All the tags and labels can be customised in different sizes and colours.
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