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Wired Laser USB barcode scanners

We have a range of high-end USB plug and play barcode scanners including but not limited to Honeywell 1250G, Zebra SYMBOL LI2208, Mindeo MD 2250AT+
No drivers required.
Features optimized laser scanning technology to read poorly printed or damaged barcodes.
The scanner is designed to withstand 30 drops on concrete from 1.5 m.
Furthermore it can scan all retail barcodes and 99% of the industrial linear barcode symbologies.
Ideal for document scanning, point of sale or stock scanning.
Zebra SYMBOL Barcode Scanner
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Opticon Wireless pocket barcode scanner

This is really the most impressive barcode scanner. Being the size of a matchbox, you can put it in your pocket, go to any location, scan the barcodes (up to 15 000 with a time stamp) and later download via USB to your computer.  Downloading format is CSV (Comma separated values) which can be imported into most applications including MS Excel, MS Access etc.  This scanner charges through the computer's USB port.  There are two buttons on the device, one large button to scan a barcode and a smaller button to cancel a scan or clear the scanner's memory.
qr scanner
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Chainway Rugged Android Barcode Scanner

Android-based rugged Handheld Computer. With its fast 4G connectivity and powerful quad-core processor as well as a built-in barcode scanner, you can find this easy-to-deploy device an exceptionally valuable helper for your workers to increase their efficiency and productivity. Ideal for Inventory / Stock / Asset Management.
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